Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What a Pup !!!!!

Hey Mom.... this is easy, you learn how to do this before you leave New Zion.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun in Oklahoma City

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Ender is 10 months old and still growing. He is in his tall and lanky teenage stage, and you can see the promise of the regal adult dog he will become. His "saddle" is shining through as his colors continue to change. Ender is growing into the most wonderful young adult pup. He is totally trustworthy in the house, not a chewer or destructive in any way and continues to do well with his service dog training. He rings his bells when he wants to go out or to the park. WE love our Ender-buddy.

This month we are working on the "brace" command. He seems to take his job seriously. But, when he is out playing with his neighborhood furry buddies he is the biggest goof of all.

He enjoys going out to eat with us, but it is becoming more difficult for him to fit under the table, due to his LARGE size. Going out is like having a movie star with us and he has become quite the Shiloh ambassador. We have ample opportunities to educate people everywhere about these awesome ISSR Shiloh's. Ender loves children and other animals is very well mannered, exceptionally quiet, and very low key --he is EXACTLY what I requested from New Zion. We are still amazed at how Ma Shiloh can make the perfect match for dog and family!!!

We had another fun Shiloh get-together in October before the IABCA show. Ender passed his temperament testing with flying colors. Saturday we entered three (puppy) shows. He went Best of Opposite in Show One---- BOB and Herding Group 1 in Show 2 ----and then BOS puppy for the Shiloh Specialty, Show 3!!!!!!!!! Wow, that was truly amazing. The competition was stiff, and the people wonderful. When you sign up to share your life with an ISSR Shiloh, let me tell you, they come with a FAMILY of spectacular humans! Here are the pictures of this month and of the shows.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Here I am, at Avis, waiting for a car. We flew in to Cleveland, than drove to Canada and New York.
Mom wanted a picture of my First Homecoming Awards.

Homecoming #35 was a BLAST. Every year the ISSR Shilohs return to New Zion for the biggest Shiloh event of the year. It was wonderful to meet so many new people, especially the BREED FOUNDER and Lisa...and to see so many of these awesome dogs gathered together in one place! Three days of shows, the National Specialty, plus meetings and seminars and fellowship...and just spending time with some of the best people around. Unbelievable. Little Ender did VERY WELL, we were so proud of him. I love my dog and thank Tina everyday for the gift that he is and the joy that he brings to our family. Little Ender-not so little anymore at 85 lbs ( about 78lbs in the pictures above)-needed a suitcase to take home all his trophies and ribbons! On Friday he received Reserve Winners Plush Puppy, on Saturday he was Winners Puppy, Best of Winners and Best of Variety (Losing Best in Show to the beautiful Ursa.)
Then, on Sunday he took Winners dog and Best of Opposite! WOW!! But the best that again, after flying trots around the ring, he can put his service vest on and travel home with us on the airplane--receiving so many " what a beautiful..well-behaved-calm-well trained etc...-service dog he exemplifies. These dogs truly are amazing. All this and ONLY 8 months old. Good boy Ender. All we can say is "above and beyond our wildest expectations!!!"

Friday, July 31, 2009

Ender -- 7 months (July 2009)

Ender visited MeMa again this month at the Nursing Home.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hutto Show

Here are my Hutto pictures- finally! Some are blurry or faded. We need a camera and lens like Anne and Zak have! I'll put a link to watch it on YouTube also, its much easier to see it on there. And it should be available for public viewing this time!

YouTube Link:

6 months

I love my playtime! Here I am loving life at 6 months

Here's the YouTube link so you can see it a little clearer:

5 Months

So this month was a little more laid back. This was also about the time that Mom misplaced the camera for a little while, so we weren't able to get so many pictures. But at least we got ones from the most important event: my very first paying job! I was the ambassador for my puppy daycare, Second Home Pet Resort, at the Phoenix Women's Expo. In exchange for showing off my cuteness, I got one week of free daycare.

The kids were a lot of fun!